Bunny Buddha™ Flat Cut - Color Agate Necklace

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Wear Your Crystals -  The Power To Heal, Energize & Protect 💖🙏🏾

⚡️ Put Your Crystals On + Pray To Activate Your Magnetic Power- You Are A Power Girl!  💖

Change the frequency you emit in the universe with the help of magnetizing, crystallizing, energetic, magnetic, healing stones!

Crystals help fulfill desires by energizing the chakras that draw upon the ultimate power- Source Energy!   ⭐️ 🌟 ✨

🌍 You Are Source Energy and Crystals help you get in touch with that. The ultimate in balance with nature and universal oneness! 🌒

Each Necklace Is A Unique Shape ➡️➡️ Attract Your Special Pendant Today! 

Stand for helping girls everywhere to find the light within, activate their full consciousness and the divine right to Feminine Will Power! 💖💖💖🏆

*Sent With Love 💗

*You Become More Powerful 🏆

*Energize Your Chakras ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

*Activate Your Spirit Sense 🔮

Each Necklace Is A Unique Shape ➡️➡️ Attract Your Special Pendant Today!


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Hey, it's me, Julia! I love cute things, being snuggly, and traveling the world with my love, RC Irving, who illustrates The Bunny Buddha™ Books! We enjoy researching the history of the human world, anthropology, archaeology and being at home in Alexandria, Egypt or Seattle, WA, or someplace on a new continent!
Bunny Buddha helps™ women and children (and boys) further understand the wellness power of the entire universe that is held within our own hearts. 
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