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Join Bunny Buddha™ in the first book of this landmark series as she discovers the power of her intuition, leading her on a grand quest to uncover the mysteries of the universe. Our young hero travels over land and sea, alongside her butterfly friend Karachi, in search of the legendary emerald amulet. She learns to breathe deeply during crises so that her intuition becomes clear and she can always see the path.


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Hey, it’s us, Julia and Ryan!

We enjoy researching the Earth's history, the history of the human species, and archaeology. Right now we live in Egypt where we do a lot of comparisons of modern and ancient human life while working on our books! Join us in discovering the mysterious hidden history of women and girls, along with reimagining the connection of heaven and earth!

Bunny Buddha Bedtime Stories help™ women and children (and boys) further understand the wellness power of the entire universe that is held within our own hearts. 

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 "I really enjoy "Bunny Buddha Bedtime Stories" - They're relaxing and you learn how to be relaxed in any situation. The themes are so cool, almost vital, and a lot of people don't realize it.? " 
-Elizabeth Padilla, Brooklyn, New York


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 Bunny Buddha™ Book One also available as Digital Download


Girls are powerful. Girls have limitless potential. Girls can change the world. And yet in certain places around the world, girls continue to lack access to opportunities.

When girls are empowered, it benefits all of us. Investing in girls is key to reducing poverty: Girls who receive an education marry later, have fewer children, and are more likely to get healthcare for themselves and their children. Every year of schooling increases a girl’s future earnings by 10-20%.

“What it boils down to is simple: If we want to drive progress in the world, we need to put girls in the driver’s seat.” – Kathy Calvin, CEO and President, UN Foundation

Even with these facts, we know that global development efforts have largely failed to reach the 250 million adolescent girls worldwide, especially the girls who are hardest-to-reach.

Girls encounter major obstacles and discrimination in their lives, and they experience them early. In fact, it is the reason to step up our collective efforts, because when you invest in a girl, you are investing in her family, her community, and our world.

5% of your purchase goes to help girls find themselves through self-discovery before the world tells them who they are.  💗

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