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Where Does Bunny Buddha Come From?

Bunny Buddha is currently solving issues of remediating the Earth, building healthy climates by making deserts green again. Bunny stands by the principle that our world has solutions for all the scary sensations. There is no fear, just the peace we find in nature. Thus, the focus for anyone wanting to mitigate environmental degradation and exploitation shouldn't be to fight industry, but rather one can simply focus on creating more nature; planting trees and gardens anywhere around you is a great place to start. 

Becoming Animated Series Soon!
"Princess Bunny Butana: Origins" - Age 6+ Season 1 on Netflix Kids & Family - Feb 2020

Bunny is a 🌷Buddhist Hero 🌺 learning to become stronger, finding more ways to help all the beings and planets in the universe! 🌸💗😊 In the first book of the children's series, Bunny goes on a big adventure where she learns to take deep breaths, focusing on meditation & intuition in order to find the way.

In order to reach further dimensions and reawaken ancient magic, the friends must unlock the Galactic Legend of “The Scious Power”, an ancient religion throughout the multiverse. 

Bunny Butana and her friends won’t stop until they can unite everybody with the knowledge of free energy and planetary healing. When things get tough, they make time to have yummy cups of hot choco, do the Jinga Dance, and remember that having fun is the most important thing in life, even while you're going for the ultimate goal!  

Available Now: 

"Learn English with Bunny Buddha"

🔮 "An Intergalactic Siddhartha Story for the 21st Century" 💫
Children's World Magazine  


The Princess' royal family line descends from an ancient group of spirit-animals that once kept balance in the Multiverse. She awakens to her ancestry amidst her privilege and, after uniting with her Animal Pals, sets out on the inter-dimensional adventure to Free Every Kid of Fear & Danger. “Wherever a girl is in need, I will be there.” Along their way, they battle the creatures and spirits whose power is threatened by their endeavor to raise spiritual strength and free energy to prominence.

When she can no longer bear the idea that suffering exists in her world, Princess Butana gives up her luxurious royal life to help free others from pain. She only has to reach the temple of the closest village to find her first directive - girls are not allowed! If half of the planet's population can't creatively contribute fully, how can anyone expect to end the suffering of the world?

"Princess Butana is a classic fairy tale that explores some of our biggest global challenges."
-Aimée Bernard ~ MilK Magazine

The expansive feeling of looking up at the wondrous stars, matched with the integrity of design is the ultimate cauldron of confidence.
GUCCI'Equilibrium Initiative is championed by a self-imposed commitment to support emerging global media talent. Bunny Buddha strives to create learning experiences seamlessly fused with entertainment, working to nurture consciousness and self-empowerment in their audience. This makes them a natural partner for GUCCI as we work in collaboration to promote Consciousness As Luxury. 

 Princess Bunny Butana represents the pathway for young people to choose the wonder and magic of life over conformity to the dualistic presentation of our world. The greatest untapped energy resource on the planet is the power of the feminine spirit. Not just that of the female gender, but that which female represents, the chalice of creation. Much of our world is based around the symbolic counterpart, the blade, the sword. It is the singular energy of these two symbols combined which has the power to turn the tide of fate for the species and the planet. And the magic just feels so good!

As a practical approach to restore this balance, Bunny Buddha donates to and partners with assorted organizations that help empower girls and women. Up to 10% of our proceeds annually are dedicated to making girls feel they have the choice to participate creatively in the evolution of our society. 
Join us in empowering this very special part of our species and awakening the goddess in every girl worldwide.




 Julia + Ryan 


💗 BB Explores The Meaning Of Life 💗  


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