🔮 "An Intergalactic Siddhartha Story for the 21st Century." 💫
Children's World Magazine  

Bunny is a 🌷Buddhist Hero 🌺 learning to become stronger, finding more ways to help all the beings and planets in the universe! 🌸💗😊 In the first book of the children's series, Bunny goes on a big adventure where she learns to take deep breaths, focusing on meditation & intuition in order to find the way.

In order to reach further dimensions and reawaken ancient magic, the friends must unlock the Galactic Legend of “The Scious Power”, an ancient religion throughout the multiverse. 
Bunny Butana friends won’t stop until they can unite every kid with the knowledge of free energy and planetary healing. When things get tough, they make time to have yummy cups of hot choco, do the Jinga Dance, and remember that having fun is the most important thing in life, even while you're going for the ultimate goal!  

Becoming Animated Series Soon!
"Princess Bunny Butana: Origins" - Age 6+ Season 1 on Netflix Kids & Family - Feb 2020

"Princess Butana is a classic fairy tale that explores some of our biggest global challenges."
-Aimée Bernard ~ MilK Magazine  



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